Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Just like us, you know sustainability is undoubtedly very important. At Andi, sustainable entrepreneurship is paramount. Acting responsibly, choosing the options that are best for people, environment and society.

Part of our policy is always looking for the right balance between the three pillars of corporate social responsibility: People, Planet and Profit. We aim for a responsible balance between commercial success and social and ecological aspects. This is reflected in our entire business operations.

The three pillars are integrated in the identity of our organization, in the attitude and actions of Andi, our employees and our partners and suppliers.

Regional solidarity

As a part of the Limburg business landscape, we stimulate regional society through various initiatives such as joint projects with various educational institutions. We are engaged in our local community and the surrounding environment, and we contribute to civic projects related to health, nature, culture and education.

People-driven organization

Our people are our company. They constitute the knowledge in our organization. That key resource is what ultimately creates added value: solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Sustainable, long-term employability, based on healthy employees who enjoy their work, is a high priority at Andi. Motivation and dedication are often even more important than background knowledge. At Andi, we primarily focus on what our people are best at and how we can deploy those competencies to optimal effect in our organization. In line with that focus, we also offer opportunities for people who are less well aligned with the job market to find ways to explore their full potential with us.