We provide high-quality standard solutions tailored to your needs

packaging & repackaging

custom assembly and kitting into a final product

adding or combining important documentation (manuals, user instructions, patient information leaflets, brochures, etc.)

labeling, serialization, barcodes & anti-theft tags

product wrapping & shrink-wrapping

quality assurance checks

personalization & personalized packaging

logistics & supply chain management

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We deliver Value Added Solutions for the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector. Our services are relevant for hospitals, healthcare institutions, research institutes and companies that provide medical and pharmaceutical products. For decades, Andi has been operating as a supplier and partner to various international companies in this industry. As you can imagine, medical devices and pharmaceutical products are required to be accompanied by clear instructions for use and additional information.

Andi Value Added Solutions can take on the entire packaging process for your products and medicines, enclosing all the required information and documentation. This includes user manuals, instructions for use, brochures, leaflets, forms, invoices, programming cards, diaries, and more. We also guarantee fully traceable product assembly/kitting, labeling, serialization, quality assurance, fulfilment, inventory management and logistics. Our excellent workflows and extensive expertise ensure that the right product is delivered to the client in flawless condition.

Education & government

Andi Value Added Solutions makes it possible to combine products and information into a single package, ensuring that each teacher and student has access to all the information they need, all in the same place. This means that schools and universities no longer have to compile all the different documents themselves. Instead, they already have the resources they need, conveniently packaged for use – e.g. for the next semester. Another example is a language game that we produced; all the separate parts of the game were assembled into a handy box and then packaged.

Andi also provides printed materials for various government agencies. Our personalization options make it possible for public authorities to send personalized letters to residents in a specific neighborhood. For instance, we are able to provide assembly and kitting of products and documents into personalized packaging, and combine multiple items into one package. Within departments and agencies, it can also be convenient to receive information and case files in a single predefined package. Outsourcing that process to Andi allows government agencies to save significantly on time and costs.


Andi Value Added Solutions will take care of any extra steps or adaptations to your products involving added value. Our extensive range of Value Added Solutions is designed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness throughout your supply chain, making your organization more flexible. We offer our entire range of support down to the smallest detail so you can do what you do best: conducting your core business.

Solutions include assembly and kitting, such as enclosing user manuals and instructions for use with your products. Or inserting leaflets, brochures, invoices, programming cards or discount coupons. We can also assemble multiple products and printed materials into a single finished product. If you want to launch a temporary promotional offer to boost sales of a specific product, we could enclose a free extra product or promotional flyer. Or we could assemble Christmas parcels with personalized items and Christmas cards, or create a sales kit containing samples, brochures and information to support your sales pitch. If it involves printing, assembly and added value, we can help you make it happen!