Featuring three innovative brands, Andi Smart Solutions Group offers a comprehensive package of print, signage and value-added solutions. Over the past years, we have evolved into one of the biggest providers of printing solutions in the south of the Netherlands. Supplementing our printing solutions, we offer various additional services that add value for our clients. These include IT solutions, packaging, consultancy, workflow management and logistical solutions.

Andi Smart Solutions Group is situated in Maastricht-Airport and operates regional, national and international. We work with a multidisciplinary team of over 75 people to provide smart solutions and high-quality contributions to our partners and our local community.


Andi’s businessunits

Sustainable partnership

By delivering quality and knowledge, by being engaged, thinking in terms of established and new solutions, investing in innovation and embracing ongoing development, we achieve a constantly growing partnership with our clients, partners and employees. Working with us means you can rely on our transparency and professionalism. Our vision for excellent quality and corporate social responsibility are assured by our various certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC® and the EcoVadis Gold status. Andi is a certified supplier to various market leaders in Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Business practices based on quality and sustainability

Business practices based on quality and sustainability are top priority at Andi. We aim to achieve a healthy balance between commercial success and social and ecological factors. That priority is reflected in all our business operations. Part of our policy is constantly looking for the right balance between the three pillars of our corporate social responsibility (CSR): People, Planet and Profit. These three pillars have been integrated into the identity of our organization, the attitude and approach at Andi, our employees, and our partners and suppliers. In addition, we are engaged in our local community and the surrounding environment, and we contribute to civic projects related to health, nature, culture and education.

Sustainable employer

Long-term employability for fit and healthy employees who enjoy the work they do is a high priority for us. Our people are the source of knowledge in our company, which ultimately results in added value: solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Andi specifically looks at the competencies of our people and how we can make optimal use of them within our organization. Motivation and drive are often far more important to us than acquired knowledge. We also provide opportunities for people with a disadvantage on the job market to unlock their full potential with our company.

Our careers

Working at Andi means being part of an innovative and growing company that leaves plenty of room for personal growth and development. It’s important that our current employees and potential hires share our core values.

we do what we say

we are always dedicated

we think in terms of solutions

we reinvent ourselves, developing constantly