Interior design and decoration

Your marketing and advertising efforts are all focused on one thing: attracting customers to your company! But the customer journey obviously doesn’t end once they have crossed your doorstep, literally or figuratively. If you can present an appealing interior, completely in line with your company style and brand image, you ensure an optimal brand experience for your customers. Blueprint Visuals will help you make this happen, right down to the last detail.

Outdoor advertising

Of course you want your target audience to see your name or message. They are easier to target online, but offline coverage is much harder. Outdoor advertising is literally on the route that your target group takes every day. When they travel to and from work, go shopping, visit family and friends, they will consciously and subconsciously notice your company name and your message. Blueprint Visuals can reach your target group on every route by using outdoor advertising.

Events and trade fairs

A trade fair or event is the perfect opportunity to meet your client in an informal context. Even though you are usually on neutral ground, you do want your message to grab their attention! Blueprint Visuals will help you stand out in the crowd of stands and competitors. Of course you’ll also want to give your potential new customer something to take along, such as a flyer or business card. Together, we will make your trade fair visit a success: from decoration to promotional materials.